Parent Testimonials

My son started out at a daycare where I was employed. I started a new job, so I had to find a new daycare. I quickly put him in a place close to my work and discovered very fast that this was not the place for him. My husband and I called Rhema, toured it, and had him in the very next week. He was only one at the time. We have been more than happy with that decision. The staff is amazing. They love God and they also love your children. They help instill good morals and values in your children. They have curriculum from the moment your child is crawling. I always say “my kids wouldn’t be this smart if it wasn’t for Rhema!” Some of my best moments have been when my son comes home and discusses Bible stories that he learned or teaches us a prayer they do in class. I know the foundation of Christ begins in the home, but it is very helpful to have it being taught at school also. I love RCDC, all the staff and the teachers, and I think it is truly the best place for my kids.
We decided to use RCDC after touring the facility and noticing their cleanliness, safety precautions taken, staff, and location. My oldest was at a different facility at the time and we were not happy. After switching to Rhema, we then realized what “daycare” should be like! They blew the others out of the water, by far! Rhema is very special to us; the staff is incredible. I can honestly say that from the time I drop my kids off to the time I pick them up, I never worry about them. And as a parent, I couldn’t ask for more than that. In our opinion, the key to a successful daycare facility is a good Director and RCDC has the best Director and Assistant Director. Another great thing about Rhema is that they do more than play with the kids, they teach them! My oldest child was more than ready to start Pre-K in a public school. I would recommend RCDC to anyone!
One thing I really like about Rhema Child Development Center is how the Zebra teachers always include all of the children. For instance, my children were going to be gone on the day the class was having a party, so the teachers had the class play the games one day early so my children could participate. I feel that my children are the teacher’s favorites, but I know they treat every child as their favorite. The little things are what count; gifts for birthdays, rewards for good behavior, art projects always completed, etc. This group of ladies has blessed my children so much and I am very thankful.